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The story of MrjSpence...

The story is simple... before hearing the word FOREX from a friend it was literally foreign to me.  I am forever grateful that he chose to extended the opportunity to learn about the largest financial market. Prior to this I was a busy entrepreneur juggling multiple businesses and clueless as to how money really works behind the scenes.  It was just a matter of time before I recognized the limitless potential to learning the skill.  If you are anything like me... becoming a part-time or full time trader just might be for you.  Below is my journey in a nutshell:


  • Wanted to work smarter and not harder so it was time to make money work for me.

  • Subscribed to a trustworthy online FOREX education platform to learn the basics and the rest is history. 

  • Went from being a hardworking entrepreneur to a full time profitable FOREX trader in less than a year. 

  •  Some of my favorite things about being a trader is I can trade anytime/anywhere with internet, earn as much profits as I desire, and I do not have to compete against anyone other than myself.  This inspired me to charge into other people lives as a true RHINO to share my knowledge and strategies that allowed me to create phenomenal success. 

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Charging to you LIVE with rants all about travel, mindset, money, and REAL life talk!

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What people say...

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"I have become a successful, six-figure, trader in less than 3 months due to Jon's passion to teach others and his incredible knowledge about markets and strategies. With Jon's leadership and mentoring, it has enabled me to grow exponentially as a trader and reach a level that I don't know I could have achieved on my own. Definitely happy to have a friend on my side to help me navigate this new skill set to generate the financial freedom I desire. "


"Jon’s optimism and dedication, as a super student himself, leads him to help others learn to trade because being a full-time trader is an achievable goal. Jon prides himself on teaching others to not repeat similar mistakes he has encountered throughout his journey and his charisma encourages the people he personally mentors to listen and reflect within themselves.  Jon emphasizes trading is more mental than technical, so through his leadership he trains on the fundamentals as well as focusing on leading his traders to deeply review their mental achievements and failures to continue improving."



“Being mentored by an expert trader such as Jon has allowed me to gain confidence and consistency in my profits as a trader. His leadership has allowed me to follow his footsteps and become a leader, as well. He has opened a new door of opportunities for me by showing me how to gain my independence.”


"Working with a consistently profitable trader and mentor like Jon has helped me achieve many of my own personal goals, gain consistent profits in the market, and open my eyes to an entire world outside of the 9-5 rate race." 

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"Jon Spencer has been a friend & colleague for many years. He embodies the true character of a visionary. Think of all the words used to describe a leader... that is Jon.  His excitement for life is motivating and contagious!  He has a relentless drive to be be the best version of himself which is only rivaled by his passion to help others along the way."



"This industry is not known to produce many successful traders. Successful traders that are humble, selfless, encouraging, positive, knowledgeable, experienced, patient and accessible are a very rare breed. Jon is someone that meets all of those intangible attributes as educator, mentor and trader. He needs no recommendation but if asked, this is the least I could say about him."



"Jon Spence is not only a phenomenal trader, he is directly responsible for my personal growth as a trader as well as many others. This is what makes him a great educator as well as a great leader.  Jon’s leadership is unparalleled and our team has grown exponentially because of his ability to relate and communicate effectively. EVERYTHING that Jon touches turns to gold.  Thank you for your leadership and commitment to our success."


"I’ve been blessed with an amazing mentor who is also an amazing educator, his name is Jon Spencer.

His leadership has changed the way I perceive my life situations which has helped me become a better trader."

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